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GI/ACM-Workshop: Standardisation on Industry 4.0 Automation and Control Systems

The Workshop on Trustworthiness and Security of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) is always aligned with the yearly assembly of the German/Austrian/Swiss Association of Informatics (GI).

The Workshop ist supported by GI/ACM Regional Group Berlin-Brandenburg Schloß Steinhöfel Seminar“, Club R2GS German Chapter on Cyber Defense, ETSI Industrial Specification Group on Information Security Indicators and Standardization Organizations DIN/DKE, DKE-SCI4.0 is an Open Forum for all Cyber Citizens and Developer exploring IoT, Smart City, Digital Society Working Practices, Cyber Stakeholder Strategies, Semantics, Security Standards, IT EU Laws, SOC Incident Responses, Impacts on CRITIS.

Cyber Objectives & Organisations’ Positions:

  • I4.0 Cyber Defense Strategies
    i.e. Industrial Consortia, Forum International de la Cyber Securite (FIC) & ANSSI & BSI, DKE etc.
  • I4.0 Best Practices of Trustworthiness, Security, Privacy, Safety

i.e. Organizational Approaches on Operational Security Management (OSM), IoT, Smart City, Sensor Networks, Smart Metering, SIEM etc.

  • I4.0 Standards & IT Laws & EU Regulations

i.e. IT Laws, Regulations, Standards of EU and its member states, i.e. TTIP, CETA, DIN/DKE, IEC 62443 IACS, VDE 0199 MMI, IEEE 1671 ATML, ITU-T F.748 IoT, ETSI ISG ISI etc.

The Workshop and Publication Languages will be English and German!

Submission Policy:

Committed Participation & Registration is achieved by submitting an industrial or scientific paper (min. 6 pages) or by providing a position statement (max. 3 pages) on selected seminar objectives and mail it to the General Organization Chair Conf Tool (to be published!) OR to one of the Technical Chairs! All papers accepted by the PC or position statements MUST be presented at the Seminar! The rules of publication at Springer LNCS of the GI Conference Organizers 'GI Informatik2018' Berlin, Germany MUST fully be accepted by all authors.

More information: GI informatik2018 Announcement and gi.de/service/publikationen/lni/ for Authors

Important Dates:

The workshop will take place on Monday, September 24th, 2018 (10-15 h) at the Smart Data Forum c/o Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (Salzufer 6/Eingang Otto-Dibelius-Straße, 10587 Berlin): https://smartdataforum.de

General Chair:

Jan de Meer, ssl.eu GmbH, Berlin
Tel:       +49 170 825 1087
Fax:       +49 (0)30 84 70 92 13
Mail:     demeer@smartspacelab.de

Technical Chairs (Working Areas):

Further information: